How travel retail marketplace is defying distance and environmental cost of European luxury brands ?

European countries, led by France, Italy and Switzerland, emerged overwhelmingly as the main exporters of luxury goods : leathergood, watch, decorative objects, jewellery,

Countries’s supremacy is uncontested in this sector !

But what are the strengths and the DNA of Europe’s luxury houses compared to another non luxury exporters ?

An economic study2 detailed competition in product categories marketed by leading luxury brands : selling more products at higher prices to more distant destinations.

On average, luxury houses sold a greater variety of products to a wider rangeof countries and to more distant destinations than did non-luxury exporters : 4850 kms versus 2000 kms !

In return, international maritime and air traffic led to disaster from the environmental point of view.

What if we offer a service which limits the negative impacts of luxury exporters ?

What if we offer a service which sustains luxury exporters distance thanks to travels of frequent flyers in the world ?

To act on luxury house’s stated exports mission of being a collaborative economy and consumption, travel retail marketplace should become a more active partner of airports.

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